Trader Construction Kit was designed to be the best first book for aspiring traders, particularly those interested in a career with a bank, hedge fund or other financial institution. Trader Construction Kit is a practical guide to developing the skills and techniques employed by professional traders.

Trader Construction Kit discusses:

  • Fundamentally and technically analyzing a market.
  • Assessing the volatility and risk characteristics of the market.
  • Developing a view, an actionable perspective on the future of price.
  • Evaluating directional, spread, option & quantitative trading strategies.
  • Weighing the inherent risk and reward in potential positions.
  • Efficiently executing trades and managing the resulting exposures.
  • Pricing and hedging structured transactions.

Additional chapters describe how:

  • The evolutionary state of a market shapes the activities of its inhabitants.
  • The role of a trader varies at different types of financial institutions. 
  • A trader’s personality forms an integral part of their approach to the market.
  • To survive and thrive on a trading floor.

Trader Construction Kit contains a highly detailed case study that applies the lessons learned in each chapter, providing structure and creating continuity through the text.

A summary of the material contained in each chapter can be found here.

Trader Construction Kit has been adopted for use at a range of academic institutions, including a top-rated college with an internationally competitive trading team and multiple universities with student-run funds active in the commodity and equity markets. It is currently used by hedge fund, bank, and merchant traders, as well as commercial hedgers.

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